TRITON TRABAJANDO 0104A Bascular tolva

TRITÓN, Debris Crusher for recycling

  • The new Triton crushes the debrisgenerated during refurbishing work,reducing by 1/3 its original volumen.
  • Easy stack up and removal of the crushed debris (aggregate).
  • If the aggregate is from crushed free of gypsum, metal and wood, it can be re-used for mixing new mortar.


  • Build on four wheels (puncture free), it fits a domestic lift and through a house or apartment door.


  • Two sieves (included) to obtain the desired sand gange.
  • Three-Phase and Single-phase versions (this last one fitted with inverter), fully compatible with the domestic electric supply.

Triple Savings

  • Saving s in space. The aggregate obtained has 1/3 of the volume of the original debris.
  • Saving in time. Less time / workforce needed than for ordinary debris removal.
  • Saving in recyclability. The sand from crushed debris can be used for making mortar or concrete, instead of buying new aggregate.