About SIMA

Construction Machinery Factory

SIMA, Sociedad Industrial de Maquinaria Andaluza, S.A., began its business activities in 1970 with a clear corporate mission, which is the improvement of the design in order to reduce the work of people using our machines.
Currently SIMA facilities are totalling 27.000 m2. In the manufacturing section SIMA developes the complex production process, from metal laser cutting and forming, robot assisted, to surface treatment and painting; from the electrical panels building to the assembly and packing of the finished products.

We manufacture several complete lines of machinery such as:

  • Construction Material Cutters.
  • Rebar processing.
  • Surface Treatment.
  • Consumables.

As a matter of fact, we are the leading company in light machinery for the construction industry in Spain and the third largest supplier in Europe..

In 2016 SIMA is present in 77 countries and continues with its international development strategy, consolidating his current positioning and opening new markets.

SIMA has established a reputation as an international brand. Today, SIMA can be found in the five continents, with a foothold in 62 countries and a budding presence in other 15. Our sales team is made of seasoned professionals that, depending on their time working for SIMA, are also qualified in the product technology, hence being able to deliver assessment to the client in two respects: commercial and technical.

It is key for the brand to attend the most relevant trade fairs in the sectors where SIMA operates, such as BAUMA, BIG 5, SMOPYC, INTERMAT, WOC and many more, some of them in coordination with our distributors. Though SIMA typically operates through distributors (importing wholesalers in many countries), there are some exceptions. Not two countries are alike from the business point of view. Each one has its own preferent channels and its own cultural and commercial singularities, to which we must adapt to succeed.

This means for instance, to keep in certain countries a network of free agents to service distributors, subdistributors or hire companies as direct customers. Our flexible approach enables us to reach a number or O.E.M. customers for whom we produce under their own brand, specifications and requests.

In line with the current communication technologies, our website and our presence in the social media also help to provide additional sources of information and communication to our customers and end users, as well as being a contact point with anyone needing our services or just technical information about our products.