Privacy and Cookies Policy

Privacy and Cookies Policy

In accordance with Article 5 of Organic Law 15/1999 passed on 13 December and ruling on the protection of data of a personal nature (LOPD), SOCIEDAD INDUSTRIAL DE MAQUINARIA ANDALUZA, S.A. (SIMA), referred to hereinafter as the Company, hereby notifies users of this website of the use and processing of personal data designed to facilitate browsing and of the data protection policy applicable to such data.

SOCIEDAD INDUSTRIAL DE MAQUINARIA ANDALUZA, S.A. (SIMA) is the titleholder of the website , referred to hereinafter as the “Website”, headquartered at Polígono Industrial Juncaril  – Calle Albuñol, 250 (ALBOLOTE) 18220  Granada – Spain, and holder of  fiscal ID (C.I.F) N° A18024919.

SOCIEDAD INDUSTRIAL DE MAQUINARIA ANDALUZA, S.A. (SIMA) guarantees the protection of all data of a personal nature supplied by users on the website, and in accordance with the same informs that:

A) All data of a personal nature supplied to the company shall be processed by the same in accordance with Organic Law 15/1999 passed on 13 December and ruling on the protection of data of a personal nature and Royal Decree 1720/2007 passed on 21 December. The data in question will be stored in automatic FILES created and managed by the company, and duly registered with the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

B) Data is collected for the following purposes: CUSTOMER file: Customer management, applications for passwords for , delivery of products, normal correspondence, business communication via e-mail and news bulletins on our products and services. Contact Agenda. CURRICULAE: Forms part of the process for the selection of personnel conducted by the company. EMPLOYEES: among other purposes, to conduct internal training using the web platform..

C) Data collected from the form WORKING AT SIMA will be stored in a file named “CURRICULAE” belonging to SOCIEDAD INDUSTRIAL DE MAQUINARIA ANDALUZA, S.A. (SIMA). Your data will not be supplied to any third parties. You simply include your data on the aforementioned form in order to contact us and to enable us to process your application for employment.

D) The collection and processing of the date of a personal nature involves the use of appropriate security measures in order to prevent the loss, unauthorized access or handling of the same, in accordance with the terms of Royal Decree 1720/2007 dated 21 December.

E) Fields marked with an asterisk (*) must be completed. Failure to do so will render the provision of the service or delivery of the information requested impossible.

F) SOCIEDAD INDUSTRIAL DE MAQUINARIA ANDALUZA, S.A. (SIMA) hereby undertakes to protect the confidential informational it has access to.

G) In the event we are supplied with data of a personal nature belonging to third parties, the same should have consented and been informed of the conditions set forth in this clause in advance. We request you notify us of any alterations to the data supplied.

H) The user declares to be 14 years-of-age or older and thereby possesses the legal power needed to grant consent in relation to the processing of his/her data of a personal nature, in accordance with that established in this privacy policy.

I) Users may, at any time, exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition in relation to their personal data, in addition to the revocation of the consent for any of the aforementioned purposes, addressed SOCIEDAD INDUSTRIAL DE MAQUINARIA ANDALUZA, S.A. (SIMA) at the above address or via an e-mail delivered containing contact details, accompanied by a photocopy of a personal identity document.

J) Users automatically authorise the processing of personal data supplied in accordance with the aforementioned terms. For such, click on “ ” under the data collection.

Traffic Data

Traffic data such as the name of the access provider, IP address, date and time of access, access links and any other information of a similar enabling users to browse on the site will be treated anonymously and with the sole purpose of calculating statistics on visits to the website.

Use of Cookies

The provider´s website may use cookies – a technology which installs a small amount of information on the website user´s computer to enable the same to recognize future visits using this computer. Cookies improve the convenience and use of the website. For example, the information supplied via cookies is used to recognize you as a previous user of the website, as a means of offering you a website with personalized content and information for your use, and to facilitate your experience on the website. You may choose to disable the cookies if your browser so allows, but this may affect the use of the website and your capacity to access specific applications or to conclude certain transactions using the same to perform certain functions regarded as vital to the correct use and viewing of the website.

Most of the cookies we use are session cookies which are deleted at the end of your browser session. We use these to allow you to use our shopping basket function across more than page of our site, for example. We do use some cookies that remain on your computer after you have quit your browser. This kind of cookie enables our system to recognise that you’ve visited our website before and to remember which settings and products you preferred. These temporary/permanent cookies have a lifespan of around one month to ten years, after which they will be automatically deleted. These cookies allow us to collect and analyse data to come up with strategies to improve our website. This makes our website easier for our customers to use and helps us to provide you with personal recommendation of products you may like.

Under no circumstances whatsoever will cookies be used to collect information of a personal nature. The user accepts the use and processing of this data. Furthermore, users are free to configure their browser to notify of the delivery of cookies or to disable the same.

User Registration

If you are given a password to access certain services and/or content on the website, use the same in a diligent manner, maintaining the same a secret at all times.

User registration data is used to ensure personalised access which is checked in different sections and for the provision of specific services on the website.

We recommend all passwords be greater than 6 characters in length and do not contain consecutive or repetitive characters.

Users may not select a user name containing words intended to confuse others in relation to the same being a full-time associate of the provider, in addition to offensive and insulting expressions and those in breach of the law or requirements of morality and good customs.

Security Measures has adopted technical and organizational measures in accordance with the standards currently in force. Moreover, the company guarantees the appropriate security levels in relation to the data involved.

Rights of acces, rectification, opposition and cancellation

Users have the right to apply for and obtain free information on their data of a personal nature submitted for processing, the source of the same (which in our case will always be the forms posted on the web) and any communication which might affect the same. In order to obtain this information users should send an e-mail to:, the same address to which any alterations to the data should be delivered. E-mails should be sent form the address stated on the form. Otherwise your data will not be shown due to insufficient proof of identity.

The company shall not be held liable in the event a request to display or correct data is sent from the e-mail address you supplied us with on any of the website forms, as in this case we will presume the person is in fact the user. Access shall also be granted at the business address Polígono Industrial Juncaril  – Calle Albuñol, 250 (ALBOLOTE) 18220  Granada – Spain or via any other legally valid physical means displaying the identity of the applicant.

Users may request the rectification or cancellation of their data, which shall be dealt with by the company within a maximum of 10 days. Cancellation implies the deletion of your data, which shall only be retained for purposes required by the pertinent public authorities or courts of law.

Finally, users may at any time exercise their rights of access, rectification, opposition and cancellation by delivering an e-mail to