The Technical Development Office engineers are responsible for the designing, the blue prints and the technical specifications leading to the prototype construction. Some of the initial parts in the prototypes are 3 D printed. Teaming up with them, specialized technicians focus on the prototype constructionIMG_9756.

Later, the prototypes will be checked by the Technical Development Officers together with our Q.A. staff, and put to different tests, one of them a real work simulation performed by customers selected at random to that purpose. Once all the test phases have been passed, the serial production starts. Innovation is deeply engraved in SIMA philosophy. We are conscious that there is no future without innovating.

As pioneering innovators we count on high precission technologies, such as inductive sensors in the rebar bending machines, or the air spring depth adjustment in the pavement cutters. New products are constantly developed using innovative materials, such as polymers, which are themselves produced in accordance with the enviromental preservation regulations and safety at work norms. The success of our new products is endorsed by our high customer satisfaction level… and by copycats performed by some of our competitors.

There is no secrect to this success: as much as creativity is key to innovation, listening to our customer suggestions and needs is our fundamental source of inspiration. Our R&D department is centre point to understand and provide technical solutions upon the information that reaches us from the market. Our team is permanently seeking new areas and methods to improvement and renovation, but it is only our customers who inspire our breakthroughs.IMG_9875

R&D is a team of experienced engineers, designers and technicians that use 3D state of the art calibrating and measuring equipment in SIMA’s laboratories. With this equipment SIMA team also service other companies under request.