Quality Assurance

As the key to success in all machinery industry, Quality is inherent to SIMA approach. We do not endevour but for the best quality. robermetro

To guarantee the best quality in all our machines, SIMA has developed an Q.A. inspection adapted to each model and covering all its components. All the different parts are subject to a measuring control to determine its compliance with the previously established parameters that will be tested prior to any product launch.

Each component production, either from external suppliers or SIMA manufactured is tested to conformity.

Finally, in the assembly process, a new Q.A. process takes place, where each machine is individually tested for calibration, and is started to verify that it works properly.

Besides the qualified in-factory tests for Q.A. continuous improvement, SIMA always undertakes the most convincing test available: the customer test. We take a trial on the machines in work sites or wherever the machine would be naturally used. The person who would typically use it is the one that will work with the prototype, and will suggest advantages and potential improvement according to his experience.

These suggestions will inspire the modification or approval of the machine before the serial production takes place.

Finally it is in SIMA stance to apply the Quality principles to all the company areas and members, from R&D and Production to the Purchase, Sales, Finantial, etc.

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