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Handsafe made by SIMA, the safest wooden saw for your hands.

In our country there are numerous cases of work-related accidents caused by wood cutting-off machines.

This is the new HANDSAFE wooden saw, which automatically stops the machine when the human skin touches the disc. This sensor/brake system is exclusive to SIMA, and acts by detecting human tissue in a matter of milliseconds and activating the almost immediate stop (40 hundredths of a second) of the turn of the disc, to prevent the operator from suffering damage to his hand.

The detection of the hand or fingers during wood cutting is performed by the STOP AND SAFE Technology, which reacts to moisture, resistance and conductivity of the human skin. An engine brake stops the disc in less than a second. In addition to protecting the operator, the machine is not damaged by this sudden stop: just restart  it to carry on working.

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A real revolution in safety, since by means of an electronic system it protects the user's hands.