STAR-20 2


Rebar stirrups are the most common and repeating shapes used for rebar structures in construction, so the labour and time invested for its production is higher than any other rebar work.

STAR stirrup bender represents a very tiny investment in comparison to its high output, which makes it a perfect partner for rebar fabricators / workshops, for their serial stirrups productions and for rebar jobs at sites, thanks to its adaptability.

It is also quite suitable for builder’s merchants or hardware stores with rebar supplying services.

Bending capacity up to rebar 16mm (5/8″ – #5) for STAR 16 and rebar 20mm (7/8″ – #7) for STAR 20. Both models can bend multiple stirrups at the time with the same shape and bending quality.

Both models are available in single phase 230V and three phase 230V / 400V motor versions to ease the rebar works at any site.

The new STAR 20 is featured with a 360º turning bending plate so as to work clockwise and counterclockwise, for an increased operational flexibility. Also supplied with holders to store rebars and provide an easier rebar feeding.


Speed and versatility.

  • STAR 16 and STAR-20 are not only able to produce standard stirrups but virtually any rebar shape tipically used in rebar structuresconstruction, such as: hooks, separators, anchorages, rebar feet, elbows, reinforcements, etc.
  • Able to bend several rebar at the time depending on rebar size and strength (Grade).
  • Easy and simple operation: it does not require highly qualified operators.
  • All the necessary pins, rollers and mandrels, as well as the adjustable stop ruler are supplied as standard equipment.
  • Pins and rollers can be customized upon request to suit to our customers requirements.
  • Control panel designed and built in accordance with CE regulations.




Full featured control panel.

Safety foot pedal control.

Max. Bending Ø (mm)20