The Evolution of STAR Range

  1. Protection screen with lateral opening, so as not to interfere with the rebar holder
  2. Turning plate closer to the operator, for greater safety and comfort
  3. Electric wire box with internal power strip for easy maintenance
  4. Electrical panel box with folding door and easy opening with two knobs
  5. Lower rebar holder for easier handling
  6. New ruler, more functional and easier to use, with two stops of different lengths
  7. Improved safe socket-fitting relays

Accesories included:

– Protection screen
– Rebar holder
– Ruler
– Stops (two stops)

Speed and versatility.

  • STAR 16 and STAR-20 are not only able to produce standard stirrups but virtually any rebar shape tipically used in rebar structuresconstruction, such as: hooks, separators, anchorages, rebar feet, elbows, reinforcements, etc.
  • Able to bend several rebar at the time depending on rebar size and strength (Grade).
  • Easy and simple operation: it does not require highly qualified operators.
  • All the necessary pins, rollers and mandrels, as well as the adjustable stop ruler are supplied as standard equipment.
  • Pins and rollers can be customized upon request to suit to our customers requirements.
  • Control panel designed and built in accordance with CE regulations.


Max. Bending Ø (mm)16
Max. Bending Ø (mm)20