Venus Mekano


The VENUS Mekano range is conceived to straight or 45º angle cut all kind of construction materials, particularly those of larger size, quickly, precisely and with the highest quality.

Models VENUS 125, 150 and 200 include a handwheel operated feed with a toothed belt transmission. It also includes a self-cleaning system of the sliding rails based on polishing felts and a folding guard in all models. As all Mekano machines, a 90 % of this range is manufactured with stainless materials.

The cutting head moves with the assistance of a bearings system mounted on an aluminium cart. These bearings are placed in 30º and 90º angles, ensuring a perfect straight or bevel cut, essential when cutting high value tiles and ceramics.

Their innovative upper bridge is also made in anodized reinforced aluminium. Fitting the cutting head is very easy and can use:

  • Ø300 mm (12”)
  • Ø350 mm (14”) blades.

It is the perfect machine to use at the job site and in marble or granite workshops, etc. All the range models include a Ø350 mm blade as standard.

SIMA has available an especial VENUS model designed to performs cuts on polyurethane insulating panels. This model is delivered with a TCT blade and is fitted with the protection devices to ensure an easy, safe and fast cut.

Side support with two clamps (Optional).

45º Tilting bridge.

Set of 2 clamps for up to 5 cm high pieces (Optional).

Max. Blade diameter (mm)350
Max. cutting depth (mm)100
Max. cutting length (mm)1500
45º CuttingYes