A TRENCHER is a pavement cutting machine that can operate with either one or two blades of:

  • Ø350 mm (14”) or Ø400 mm (16”)
  • Ø450 mm (18”) or Ø500 mm (20”).

The distance between the two blades can be adjusted to 60 cm, 65 cm. and 70 cm. (24”, 26” and 28”).

It is a very rugged and all-round machine, improved for heavy duty works always performing with precision and reliability.

It can also be operated as a conventional cutter, with the blade placed on either sides. Besides, the TRENCHER can also be adapted, with the optional accessories needed, to perform two very
close parallel cuts of 5 cm, 8 cm or 10 cm wide.

Two parallel cuts just in one go:

  • Ø500 mm (20”) blade guards available as optional. (Only for versions Honda 23Hp, Kohler 18Hp and Lombardini 16Hp).
  • Two blade guards.
  • Two water tanks.
  • It can cut with just one blade, either on the right or the left side.
  • Locking system of cutting depth.
  • Cyclone air filter 13Hp Honda motor version.
  • Oil level dipstick and oil drain plug.
  • Parking brake.
  • Hubcups at front and rear wheels to protect the bearings.


Dual blade cooling system.

Regulation for three types of trench width (60, 65 and 70 cm).

Anti vibration height adaptable handle bar.

Max. Blade diameter (mm)400
Max. cutting depth (mm)120