Atadora Ferralla ATA 450
Ata verde 2017 01Maleta

Able to tie:

  • rebar
  • structures
  • rebar mesh
  • metal / rebar grids, etc.

Easy operating with rechargable battery: It runs on a 14.4V (3Ah.) Lithium-Ion quick-charge battery. Its amperage increases operational working life: up to 2200 ties approx. per battery charge.

Light weight and compact body-chassis. Easy to operate with only one hand. Works with no stress.

Quality of materials. ABS hard impact frame and body, ergonomic handle with rubber for full grip. High technology inner electronics with beeps warning system for auto-diagnosis and featured with trigger lock for safety.

Tying selector for 2 or 3 wraps and 5 different levels of tying strength. High operational speed. It works 5 times faster than traditional manual rebar tying, less than a second per tie. Higher tying torque than other competitor’s models, so it saves wire coils as it requires less quantity of tying shots (approx. 30% save).


PowerElectro-Hydraulic battery