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Adjustable saw blade, Easy mounting

The cutting height can be adjusted according to the size of wood to be cut.

When set at the lower position, the blade is able to cut precise wooden strips and timber without splintering.

When set at the higher position, it is able to cut planks and rough wooden strips.

For safety reasons the blade is covered by a self closing guard offering complete protection.

In case of a power cut a safety switch/intake socket with thermal protection, magnetothermal protection and an under voltage releasing device will immediately turn the device off.

Electro-magnetic braking motor safety device that brings the saw blade to rest within 8 seconds after being switched off.

Able to cut different types of wood.

“Quick & Easy” assembly in just a few minutes.

Special blade guard design with self-closing safety section is independently turn the device off attached from the dividing knife.

Legs are equipped with anchorage reinforcement and wheels..

Eurotron models comply with European EN 1870-1 CE

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